Videos about Central Electric

  •   Apply for a Touchstone Energy Sports Camp Scholarship!
    Learn basketball, team building and leadership skills from top coaches in our area
  •   Empowering our communities
    Central Electric gives back to our communities through education grants and scholarships that EMPOWER our teachers and students to succeed.
  •   The power of Co-op membership
    Central Electric is a proud Touchstone Energy partner
  •   Electric vehicle Q&A
    Have questions about electric vehicles? Check out this video produced by Advanced Energy to get answers to some commonly asked questions.
  •   Teachers, apply for a Bright Ideas grant!
    Bright Ideas recently celebrated 20 years. See how Bright Ideas is impacting our community.
  •   Beware of Scam Artists
    Watch Out for Scam Artists
  •   How CEMC Restores Power
    Learn how Central restores power in four simple steps!
  •   Water Heater Maintenance Program
    Are you signed up?
  •   NC Electric Cooperative Youth Tour
    The Electric Cooperative Youth Tour is a great experience!
  •   How many linemen does it take to change a pole?
    As many as it takes to maintain safe and reliable electricity!
  •   Generator Safety!!
    Know how to use a generator properly.
  •   CCCC Student Shares How Scholarship Impacted Her
    See how the CEMC College Scholarship makes a difference
  •   ORU Helps CORA Food Pantry
    See how our members are impacting Chatham County
  •   Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Lineman?
    Watch Harris Morrison Climb to the Top!
  •   Storm Preparedness
    Are You Storm Ready?
  •   ORU Makes A Difference
    ORU Helps People in Central NC
  •   What is an energy audit?
    Find out what to expect during an energy audit.
  •   Operation Round Up Benefits Community
    Here's a look at what Operation Round Up Is Doing at Other Cooperatives
  •   Operation Round Up In Action
    See ORU in Action
  •   ORU Makes A Difference
    ORU is making a huge difference in the lives of cooperative members across the country
  •   Touchstone Energy Cooperatives
    Want to know more about the history of Cooperatives. Watch this video!