Generator Information

When a power outage occurs, many people turn to a portable generator for help. Learn how to operate your generator properly before you need to use it, or someone working on power lines could be killed as a result.

You should never connect your generator directly to your home’s wiring. A generator that is directly connected can “backfeed” into the power lines connected to your house, and could electrocute anyone working on the power lines or cause expensive damage to utility equipment.

Plug individual appliances into the generator using heavy-duty, outdoor-rated cords, and turn off all equipment powered by the generator before shutting it down.

Also, place the generator where exhaust fumes will not enter your house. Just like your automobile, a portable generator uses an internal combustion engine that emits carbon monoxide. You should operate it outdoors in a well-ventilated, dry area, away from air intakes to the home.

For more information on operating your generator, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions found in your user manual. Preparing now could save a life.